Buying Guide

1. The website staff will update your products every week, add a collection, register and become our member.

2. The larger the quantity, the higher the discount. Please refer to the product details page for detailed discount.

3. All prices do not include freight, which depends on the nature and weight of the goods. The specific mode of transportation and freight will be confirmed with you after the order is confirmed. Express delivery is the default. Please note if there are special requirements. Thank you!

4. After the order is confirmed, we will contact you and discuss relevant matters within one working day.

5. For regular order, our leading time is one week. If the products you order are in large quantity or not in storage, the lead time is about four weeks


 All the prices on our online shop do not include the shipping cost. As to the shipping cost, it depends on the total weight of the purchased products and also the shipping mode. According to our previous experience and practice, we sincerely suggest you to practise as follows: 
①.Express Delivery such as Fedex, DHL, TNT, EMS…door to door service, it is very convenient and efficient. This mode is suitable for goods with weight from 1kg to 100kgs. Generally goods with weight above 30kgs can enjoy a very preferential price. The delivery time is between 3 to 5 days. 
②.Air-freight Delivery The goods will be delivered to your nearest (or your appoinited) airport. You need to arrange fetching the goods from airport by yourself. The shipping cost is cheaper than that by express delivery. This mode is suitable for goods with weight from 100kgs to 300kgs. The time is between 5 to 10 days. 
③.Sea-freight Delivery The goods will be delivered to your appoinited seaport. You need to arrange the pickup job by yourself. The shipping cost is the lowest among the three ones. Usually the minimum charged unit is two cubic meters. This mode is suitable for goods with weight above 400kgs.The time on the way is between 30 to 40days. 
④.After you place an order, we will contact you about the shipping mode, shipping cost and terms of payment within one working day. 
⑤.Our delivery time (leadtime) is commonly 7 to 10 days. If the order quantity is very big, far above our stock quantity, then the delivery time will be around 30 days. 
⑥.As to the Terms of Payment, please kindly refer to our guide “PAYMENT TIP” for detailed information. 
We always adhere to principle of mutual benefit and do our utmost to supply you novel and high-quality products to meet different customers’ needs. It is our sincere expectation to have a close cooperation with you and further create a mutual prosperous future.

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